Dr. Alia W. Offman, C.Psych

Registered Psychologist

Online Counselling

Getting started with online psychological counselling is very similar to starting face to face counselling.  First sessions are always done in person in order to ensure a good fit between client and therapist using online session.  This first session allows the client to address concerns or pose questions about online counselling and allows the psychologist to fully discuss ethical considerations and the procedures of psychological counselling online.  Psychological counselling whether online or in person can bring about positive change in a person’s life as well as difficult emotions.  Therefore, it is important that I make sure that informed consent is provided before starting online counselling and I believe this is best done in person.  For more information on online sessions please click here.

Online Counselling Platform

Online sessions are done through the platform Doxy.me.  You don't need special software to use Doxy.me all you need to do if follow the link below to the "waiting room" at the scheduled time of your appointment.  When it is time to start the session Dr. Offman will give you access to the session and you will be able to see and hear each other online. 

5 tips to have a great call

#5: Make sure your browser is up to date. Sometimes users can experience issues when they are using an outdated version of their browser.

#4: Restart your computer before a call. Sometimes popular video programs (ahem Skype) are still running in the background without you aware. When this happens, it can block access to the camera or microphone. By restarting your computer, it will clear these hidden connections.  

#3: Use a good computer. Running video takes a lot of a computer's processing power. Old computers or computers running a lot of programs in the background can produce poor quality. 

#2: Make sure a firewall isn't blocking access. 

#1: Have a good, stable internet connection. This is the most important tip. Here are key points to assure you have a good call:

  • Use high speed internet
  • Use an ethernet cable instead of wifi- poor wifi signals often cause quality issues
  • Limit internet usage during a call- don't stream movies or download music during a call, it takes up bandwidth
If you've done all this but still have issues, run a diagnostic test and let us know what you find.